Chocolate, Raspberries, Cream: Drinks that Put the Fun into Valentine's Day!


February 6, 2014

Rich food and chocolate are always top choices to make Valentine’s Day a success, right? However, entertaining and delicious drink choices certainly make for a more memorable experience as well!

From the wine or champagne lover, to the decadent and smooth mixed drink connoisseur, to the fun drinks that even non-alcoholic drinkers can enjoy, stirring up or pouring gorgeous, photo worthy, and taste bud begging drinks are a must have during your time with your sweetheart!

While you are at the Inn for Valentine’s Day, ask for our Sex in the City Chocolate Martini, which is made with dark and white chocolate, vodka, and heavy cream! In the meantime, if you can’t wait, or love it and want to make it at home once you leave, you can find our recipe here on our Leaning Oak Bistro and Wine Bar page: /dining/leaning-oak-bistro-and-wine-bar.

 Another great drink choice to be served during February’s romantic specials are red and white Italian Cream Sodas, which are non-alcoholic, but use delightful raspberry and vanilla flavors with cream, is bubbly in your mouth, and comes with cute red cherries on top!


 In February, love is celebrated all month long right? So for those nights you are at home and not at the Inn, try out this light and fruity cocktail, or two, and then whisper sweet nothings in his/her ear! Be sure to copy down the recipe below!


Raspberry Whisper Martini

2 shots of raspberry vodka
1 oz of white cream de cacao
1 oz of Chambord
1 oz of half and half
White chocolate (you can use chips or bars)

Pour first 4 ingredients into cocktail shaker
Shake all liquid until the outside of the shaker is frosted
Pour into frosted martini glass
Use a cheese grater to shave white chocolate onto drink
Garnish with raspberries

HideAway Inn:  A Food Experience You Won’t Forget!

If you enjoy a romantic getaway with us, we can help you create a foodie experience you’ll remember forever. Enjoy a decadent lover’s menu at HideAway Inn complete with stuffed French toast for breakfast. Located near Bucyrus, Marion, Findlay, and Mansfield, Ohio, we also have a fabulous wine menu and an historic climate controlled wine cellar.

Another option that will allow you to take your Valentine’s surprises up a notch is treating your sweetheart to a special candlelight dinner for two. See more information on those here:

You may also eat together in our beautiful dining room! See our scrumptious dining menu and our fabulous wine pairings for all your Valentine pleasures: /lodging/valentines-day/valentine-menu.

We are looking forward to hear from you today to make your Valentine dining experience a very memorable one.  Call (800) 570-8233 today to make reservations during February!

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