Five Ideas for Do-It-Yourself Autumn Wedding Favors


August 14, 2014

Five Ideas for Do-It-Yourself Autumn Wedding Favors

Autumn weddings are well-loved by brides due to the wealth of seasonal favorites like maple, pumpkins, gourds, vibrant leaves, Indian corn, and all the nostalgia that comes with fall! Especially if you like outdoor or rustic country weddings, this time of year is gorgeous and the weather temperate.

If you are still planning your fall wedding and are down to a rush for wedding favors for your guests, there are a few simple ideas that you, or your group of friends, can do yourselves in time for the festivity. Best of all they keep the autumn rustic country fall theme or can be adapted for a classy, modern autumn theme too!

Five DIY Fall Wedding Favors:

Maple Syrup—

Purchase small sized bottles of your favorite maple syrup, or your well-loved local syrup, and tie with a bow to match your décor and colors. You can also print a nice label with your favorite phrase or your wedding announcement and adhere to the bottle or tie a tag with it onto the bottle.

Fall Candy—

Wrap up maple sugar candies, pumpkin candy, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, or other festive and decorative candies such as homemade chocolates. If the candies are beautiful in their own right, just use clear candy bags and tie with a bow in your wedding colors and a monogrammed tag. Check out more ideas like these over at Oh! Nuts: Sweet and Crunchy Blog.


Everyone equates Smores with fall campfire evenings and sweatshirts! What better comfort dessert shouts love more at an outdoor country wedding than Smores? Send home a Smores kit with your guest by filling a baggie with the ingredients and seal with a paper sign and a clever slogan.

Top Photo Shows Smores Package via Martha Stewart Weddings,
Photography Credit: Rebecca Amber Photography

Candy Apples or Apple Cider—

Choose or make delicious caramel apples, either plain or topped with nuts or candy, to snuggle into a clear wrapper and tie with a beautiful bow and elegant note.  These are easy and inexpensive, yet look both festive for fall and also very artistic! Another alternative is to package in burlap bags some hot apple cider mix, caramel candies, and a complete with a nice bow and note.

fall wedding favors
Hot Apple Cider Favor Photo Credit: Emmaline Bride


People love candles during fall and winter months. They look lovely with their autumn décor and are beautiful to light in their homes during the long dark evenings to come. Choose long dipped candles and place in pairs by creating a slip cover from paper or fabric to hold them together. You can decorate the slip cover with natural elements such as acorn tops, twigs, dried berries, pine, and seeds. You might also choose votives and adorn with dyed corn husks or vibrant cloth or dried leaves.

There are many alternatives available for favors with all the natural décor found this time of year that will help you to host amazing fall weddings, not to mention the varieties of tasty treats that people will be excited to take home!

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