Make Plans for Some Rejuvenation for Back to School and Career Schedule Rush!


August 13, 2014

Make Plans for Some Rejuvenation for Back to School and Career Schedule Rush!

Most people in our neck of the woods on the East Coast live here because they like the changing of the seasons. With each season comes something new, which brings a chance to look forward to items we miss and enjoy (like high school football games or pumpkin spice lattes). Though most people adore the fall in Central Ohio, with the cycle into autumn also comes the fact that someone is usually going back to school. 

For some people, they also consider it as the time of year to settle in after some summer relaxation for more hard work at just about anything goal they have in life.  It also equates into longer evenings dwindling into shorter days, less natural light, and an increased work load. All of this stress can lead to taking a toll on skin and appearance.

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If you are a teacher, or preparing someone in your household to go back to school, or maybe you just are making plans to commit to your career, performing the ritual of a spa day, even at home, can be a very rejuvenating way to make a great start into a new educational or work calendar year.

It’s best to take a weekend spa getaway and get “the works” in terms of treatment first, then learn to supplement your beauty routine at home with DIY treatments, but if you don’t have time to fit a spa trip in now, then take some time to spoil your skin and body at home. You can always plan ahead and schedule in a girlfriend getaway for later in the year when the weather is taking a toll or a weekend trip with your daughter who is away at college and you are sure to miss!

If you are planning to try your hand at some beauty treatments at home, make sure to fit in a good skin exfoliation, a facial, and a manicure. There are many good facial and body scrubs that can be made from the ingredients you might find in your kitchen, such as lemon juice, coconut oil, vinegar, brown sugar, honey, banana, and eggs!

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Place scented candles in your bathroom for ultimate aromatherapy to put you and your family in a relaxing mood and put on some of your favorite tunes that will make everyone feel energized. Have a glass of your favorite wine or champagne and if your children are under age, offer them sparkling juice or a fizzy clear pop in a wine glass and top it with raspberries.

Prepare a homemade recipe for a hair conditioner, a facial exfoliation, and a body scrub and take turns applying on each other. Once everyone’s hair and skin are new and shiny, then wrap in a warm towel and work on fingernails and feet to have them looking great to paint. Everyone will want to show off any new fall colors of nail paint you’ve picked up at the store to match the new fall outfits purchased! Soon, you’ll feel like a new you and ready to take on the world!

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At HideAway Country Inn, we take relaxation seriously! We feel it’s important to balance hard work with stress relief. We’d love to help you plan your next spa getaway that includes a aromatic massage with Davines, a top brand in spa products that even the celebrities are using!

Once your impromptu spa day at home is through, make your plans for a weekend getaway with us in a few months. We’d be happy to help you feel refreshed and focused on the best things in life again. Call us at (800) 570-8233 and let our spa reservation specialists help you plan your stay!

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