A Romantic Picnic? A Refreshing Hike? Check Out these Parks Near HideAway Inn for a Getaway to Nature


July 17, 2014

A Romantic Picnic? A Refreshing Hike? Check Out these Parks Near HideAway Inn for a Getaway to Nature

Looking to add some nature hiking into your weekend (or week-long) summer and fall getaways? Does a romantic picnic in the woods sound more your speed? The good thing about Ohio is that each season offers you something new in terms of the outdoors.

During late summer you can view butterflies flitting around prairie daisies as you throw down a blanket and enjoy your wine. Or, in the fall, you can view all the gorgeous colors of leaves as they swirl to the ground while you hike around a winding trail. Crawford County, Ohio, offers some delightful nature parks and centers in which you can enjoy the diverse environment or get your exercise with a long, refreshing hike.

Lowe-Volk Park via Crawford Park District Website

The Sears Woods Nature Preserve is an ecologist’s delight, with many old-growth trees and beautiful springtime wildflowers. Located in Crawford Country about 1.5 miles from Bucyrus, it is 137-acres of natural serenity adjacent to the Sandusky River. It’s really a wonderful example of what the forests across the central Ohio area used to look like, and what it all might have looked like in maturity. There are many birds, frogs, and insects that will serenade you with the sounds of the environment during almost any season.

You also might want to visit the Lowe-Volk Nature Center, which features exhibits on 25 various topics as well as hosts events during the year. It has a nice display of arrowheads. With 36-acres, it encompasses a variety of ecosystems and is near Crestline, Ohio. It has trails, a floating fishing dock, and a boardwalk trail. The Crawford Country Bikeway also begins and ends here, winding out of the park and around country roads, before heading back.

Unger Park is also part of the Crawford County Park District and offers a prairie and bottomlands setting. Formerly a farm, it has 53-acres that includes several trails and winds around prairie lands and along the Sandusky River. Ohio State University Extension also has orchard, flower, and field trail within this park and it meets up with Bucyrus City’s Aumiller Park. Late summer hikers will find flowers and butterflies, the hum of insects, and the swoop of birds. The river view is scenic and you might see turtles basking in the sun and frogs leaping across the water.

Situated in the Olentangy River Basin, the Heckert Nature Preserve boasts 43-acres of upland forest and river bottom. A one-mile trail for hiking takes nature lovers through the forest and around the river, where you can hear the croak of frogs and the chirp of birds looking for caterpillars.

Many of the Crawford County Parks have historical significance, as this area was home in the 1700s to Delaware Indians, trading posts, and subsequent American settlers in the early 1800s. Heckert Nature Preserve also is settled next to the old amusement park from the 1900s (which no longer exists but is fun for history buffs as it was famous in its day), which was called Seccaium Park.

Located just outside of Bucyrus, Ohio, stay at HideAway Country Inn for our scenic forest and farm land views and incorporate a few trips into nature during your stay at one of the beautiful, serene local parks. Borrow the Inn’s bikes, bring your own, and bike to your destination. If you like horseback riding, ask about our program for that and enjoy nature from a horse-eye view.

July is National Picnic Month, so why not ask us to pack a picnic lunch and drive to a few local parks, choosing one in which to settle down with a bottle of wine for a quiet getaway? There is much to do when nature’s involved if you reserve a stay at HideAway Inn. Just check out all our things to do and then ask our reservation specialists to help you plan your stay. We look forward to you call to (800) 570-8233.

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