Five Ideas for a Late Summer Spa Getaway Before Back-to-School Rush


July 15, 2014

Five Ideas for a Late Summer Spa Getaway Before Back-to-School Rush

Every mom who has or who has had school aged children knows that “back-to-school” planning gets underway by mid-July. The stores start stocking shelves with school list necessities like pencils and erasers, the clothing stores start moving in their fall items (even though schools start earlier now in the heat of August!), and mail starts coming from the school. For some, sports even begin.

With school inching into the lazy days of summer, we urge moms to not give up on summer quite as quickly as their year is sure to be filled with busy days and organization before you know it. Fuel the rest of July and early August with vacations, mini-vacations, girlfriend getaways, couple getaways, or even mother/daughter or mother/son getaways!

Here are five ways to incorporate some relaxation into the dwindling days of summer:

1) By Yourself--Take a day alone to unwind and relax before the craziness of the school and activity schedule begins again. Schedule a day spa trip for a hot stone massage, a new pedicure, and a body scrub. You’ll feel like “Super Woman” ready to take on any offensive. We know your kid’s schedule can be as brutal as an army sometimes, so don’t feel bad spoiling yourself a little. Massage and stress-free actions are also good for your health, so you’ll be better prepared to manage your family and work schedule.

2) Girlfriend Getaway--We know you value your time with your friends, but with kids and a busy calendar it’s hard sometimes to get together during the school year. Take advantage of the longer days of summer and schedule a girlfriend getaway. Choosing a package that allows you and your friends to giggle and laugh through a massage and a manicure, while sipping on champagne with fruit, or a favorite bottle of wine, is sure to elicit fond memories and rejuvenation not just of the body, but of the mind. They do say that “laughter is the best medicine.”

3) Couple Getaway--Have someone watch your kids and head to the spa with your spouse or partner. With you both running on empty trying to work, shuttle kids to and fro, and being prepared for homework, chores, and after school sports and activities, you probably barely get a word in edgewise to each other! Before summer gets away from you, plan an August couples getaway for an outdoor couples massage, a chocolate Jacuzzi fizz, a chocolate lover’s room paradise, and a decadent dinner with choice of wine. This getaway is likely to rejuvenate your love, your connection, and make you stronger in order to battle the fall and winter family schedule together. Take a bottle of wine home with you, hide it, and when the going gets tough in the winter, lock the bedroom door, share the bottle of wine, and remember all the fun you had during your spa summer getaway.

4) Parent/Child Getaway--If your little woman or little man are the apple of your eye and you don’t want to miss a day without them, yet could use a break from the insistent school and activity schedule, plan a end-of-summer getaway together where you have facials, manicures, and gentle massages to prepare yourselves for what lies ahead. This focused mother and child time is so important in addition to you being there on an everyday basis for all their basic needs. This gives you a chance to connect with your child, talk about the upcoming year, and visit hopes and dreams with your child without the smartphone, laptop, refrigerator calendar, or shouting over a baby sibling in the back of the mini-van.

5) Teacher Getaway--If you are a teacher, get together with fellow teacher friends and colleagues and take a spa day while you are still on break. Relax getting to know one another, massage all the stress of the unknown and anticipation of a new school year and testing, and make fresh your outlook on the word team. Starting the school year off feeling relaxed and having time to unwind before the chaos can help you to manage students better, as well as your own home life. If you aren’t a teacher, but know how important the work is that they do, pool together other families and funds and send your elementary teachers on a late summer getaway.

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