Wishing to Feel Beautiful and Luxurious? HideAway Resort Spa Offers Eco-friendly Davines Products


July 2, 2014

Wishing to Feel Beautiful and Luxurious? HideAway Resort Spa Offers Eco-friendly Davines Products

Mixing aromatherapy, eco-friendly products, and silky hair and body products is what Davines® does best in order to make your feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and luxurious. HideAway Country Inn day and resort spa is proud to use Davines® products in our spa, as well offer samples of their glorious shampoo, conditioner, and lotions in our rooms for you to enjoy.

Enter our spa, or even our lobby and retail store, and you’ll smell the exotic and natural scents that will make you feel as if you entered paradise right in the middle of Ohio. Enjoy the endearing scents during your stay and purchase items to take home to continue your travel fantasies.

Pictured - Natural Active Ingredients in the Shampoo: Echinacea phytoceuticals - strongly rich in vitamin C for a strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflamatory action

Davines states that “Beauty + Sustainability, this is an inspiring concept for all of our projects, from product formulation and design, to company ethics and salon education”

In fact, in the Davines Manifesto they take beauty and sustainability very seriously, something that we want to make a priority for our guests at HideAway Country Inn as well. In this article, you can read a little about the philosophy of Davines and how they are helping to make the world a more eco-friendly and beautiful place.


Our ideal of beauty finds its inspiration in the concept of equilibrium between substance and shape as well as in the Italian Renaissance tradition. Our style is a delicate convergence of unique characteristics and it’s inspired by simplicity, harmony and good taste.


Our particular brand of beauty cannot work without practical and "sustainable" efforts. For us, sustainability deals with the responsibility we owe to ourselves, the people with which we work, our customers, and the world in which we live and operate today and tomorrow. That said, our vision of “sustainability” has a range of connected meanings:

- “sustainability” in regard to our commitment to minimizing the impact on the environment, not compromising the quality or quantity of natural resources today or tomorrow.

- “sustainability” in regard to our privileged use of natural ingredients, enhanced with cutting-edge cosmetic technologies and an artisanal, handcrafted spirit. Through this approach we strive to guarantee the effectiveness of our products and the safety of our customers.

- “sustainability” in regard to “freedom of creation”. Our decisions are led more by "intuition” than “calculation” and by a pioneering spirit that guides us to avoid the mainstream and to explore ideas beyond trends. At Davines, every idea is born free and then developed with authenticity, in harmony with our values;

- “sustainability” in regard to “ethics”. The word “ethics” in ancient Greek means “house, shelter, lair”. Inspired by this definition and by the honor of being a family company, we make our professional environment feel more like a homely place where to develop oneself and create sincere relationships with others both in and outside the company, on a multicultural level.

In summarizing, “beautiful and good” – as the ancients referred to the inseparable unity between exterior and interior beauty – is another way to say “sustainable beauty". And "sustainable beauty" is another way to say Davines.

In 2011, the contribution to Lifegate has helped plant and care for 2.075.379 m2 (+/- 290 football pitch) of forest.


Several years ago, with the collaboration of LifeGate, Davines adopted a Zero Impact® policy (carbon-neutral) for the pack of our Essential Haircare product line, which was later joined by the family of SŪ sun-care products, OI and by the styling line more inside.

By adhering to LifeGate's Zero Impact® Project the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the production of the packaging for these lines are offset by the purchasing of carbon credits generated by operations of forests' creation and protection in Italy, Costa Rica and Madagascar, as established by the Kyoto Protocol.


Accordingly, Davines helps developing the vegetation required to restore oxygen that is extracted from the environment. Davines, one of the first Italian cosmetique brands to have joined the Zero Impact® projects, has already contributed to offsetting the emissions of 3.044.904 kg (6.712.864 lbs) of CO2.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary from the project beginning, LifeGate has honored Davines with the title of Zero Impact® Ambassador 2013 , because of the Company great commitment in the project.

*Taken from the Davines website. HideAway Country Inn is a spa carrier of Davines products.

HideAway Inn Day and Resort Spa:

We’d love to have you try out Davines oil during your massage and choose to add-on a lotion rub, from which you’ll be able to take home your own container of Davines authentic replenishing butter. This summer, choose to have an outdoor massage amid the forest sounds of nature. Let us know what you think of your experience.

To schedule your visit to HideAway Inn’s spa, call (800) 570-8233 or go online HERE. For more information on our spa, go HERE.

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