5 Reasons Why Romantic Weekend Getaways Can Build a Positive and Happy Relationship


July 1, 2014

5 Reasons Why Romantic Weekend Getaways Can Build a Positive and Happy Relationship

Summer time is full of lots of family fun and adventure, with many things to do and to be done. A chaotic schedule of work and home life can leave you and your partner feeling unloved, stressed out, and irritable. If this sounds like you, you might need a romantic getaway. We advise you to schedule one soon!

There are numerous reasons to take a break with your loved one, but here are five we like:

1) It lets you re-connect—taking a short or extended romantic getaway with the love of your life establishes to you both that you are important to each other. This is good mentally for you both as a strong relationship can be a good foundation to handle the issues that everyday life throws at you.

2) It can spark your love life—maybe you get along with each other as roommates or parents, but are so busy that it's past time to really remember why you are in love, want to be in love, and what you love about each other.  Sometimes these simple feelings aren't so simple anymore and get tossed to the wayside. You can re-ignite the chemistry and enjoy each other in a way that you can’t amid the chaos of weekly schedules.

3) It can clear your mind—taking a getaway with each other can help you be able to think more clearly and talk about goals and dreams you both wish to accomplish. Heading back home with a clear picture and the monotony broken can help halt habits or ruts so that you can pursue your life together.

4) Time alone--Solace with each other away from the computer, cell phones, e-mail, kid’s schedules, or any other drama that might be infiltrating your life. Being able to concentrate on each other can make each person feel valued and important.

5) Learn how to stop fighting and start loving—Possibly your busy itinerary causes you to bicker over who takes out the trash, who does the dishes, and if someone left their dirty socks on the floor. Escaping with your loved one takes the “parenting” issues out of your relationship as you don’t have to worry about any of that if you let yourself fully immerse in the getaway and focus just on each other.

At HideAway Country Inn, located in central Ohio, we love to see romance at our door. We’re secluded, quiet, and can serve all your needs for relaxation!  From cozy rooms, to a day spa, to scenic outdoor activities, we have plenty of things to do as well as decadent dining options. Indulge in a bubbly bath, a hot stone couples massage, and a candlelight dinner.  Stare into each other's eyes and fall in love all over again.

We have several packages perfectly made for romantic summer interludes. Try our Just the Two of Us, So Happy Together, or You are My Sunshine getaway romantic specials in order to re-connect with your loved one today.

Reserve online for these specials HERE or call (800) 570-8233 to speak to our reservation specialists. We look forward seeing you!

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