HideAway Inn Hires New Enthusiastic Executive Chef and Rebrands Restaurant and Bar!


June 15, 2014

HideAway Inn Hires New Enthusiastic Executive Chef and Rebrands Restaurant and Bar!

HideAway Country Inn, located in Bucyrus, Ohio, near Marion and Mansfield, enthusiastically announces D. Josh Hartman as our new Executive Chef for our beautiful, historic restaurant, as well as our casual dining pub. In addition to the hiring of Chef Josh, this summer we will also be re-launching both the restaurant and the Leaning Oak Bistro and Wine Bar as Restaurant 1938 and Pub 1938, respectively.

Fitting our wish list so well, Chef Josh's joy in providing local Ohio foods that you can love.  Though it is something we work hard at doing for our patrons each and every day, is very apparent to all around that Chef Josh also brings that to the table.  We couldn't be more pleased at his efforts already and hope that you love his food as much as we do.

Chef Josh graduated cum laude from the AASA in Culinary Arts/Hospitality Management program at Orlando Culinary Academy in Florida. After working at several various restaurants and resorts in Florida, he decided to put his kitchen talents to use in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, and most recently as an Executive Chef in Columbus.

“When I first walked into HideAway Inn, I found the atmosphere of the place amazing,” Chef Josh said. “I am excited about all the many various offerings here, from the dining room, to the bistro and wine bar, to weddings and banquets.”

Our HideAway Inn staff and Chef Josh have been very busy since he first arrived looking at the dining options and creating a new menu, fresh ideas, and even revitalizing our restaurant and bistro name. He has been having a wonderful time really playing around with choices, personal creations, and flavors.

For instance, he hopes to stir foodie taste buds with the new HideAway Forest Cake, which is his personal take on Black Forest Cake, but made with merlot chocolate and port cherries. When asked to create something with the yellow theme, since HideAway’s brand color is yellow, he put on this thinking cap. Upon hearing a staff member talking about loving the lemon cake their grandma used to make, he formulated his version of Lemon Chiffon Cake and added a crème anglaise (short in French for "English Cream") topping.

At HideAway Inn, we are not only striving to be a place for guests to eat wonderful evening meals, or enjoy our wedding catering, but to be a local restaurant choice for a decadent, relaxing, quaint evening out. We’d love to see patrons drop by for a casual pub dinner and cocktails in our bar as well!

“I love food,” Chef Josh said. “My passion for food motivates me in life.” He strives to make meals that make people happy and many times you'll see Chef Josh visiting with guests. “My reason for becoming a Chef was the fact that I enjoy bringing out a plate of food to a person and seeing their amazed and excited expression,” he said. “That really drives me.”

Chef Josh said that he really likes the fact that HideAway has a garden on the grounds from which he can use fresh herbs and vegetables. He also appreciates HideAway Inn’s use of local foods, which not only taste great for customers and guests, but supports the local community and farms.

The new menu will feature succulent meats and tantalizing seafood such as sea bass, more pasta choices such as linguine with wild mushrooms and asparagus, and unique starter courses like lamb lollipops.

“I am very excited for the future,” Chef Josh said. “There is so much we do and can do here at HideAway. It’s going to be really fun and I’m on the path to making this an even better place.”

There will be more to come about HideAway Inn’s new menu, cooking classes, and programs very soon. Watch our dining blog and our website for more information. As always, we are happy for you to give us a call at (800) 570-8233 or call directly to 419-562-5942 for reservations for Restaurant 1938.

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