Five New Trends to Think About When Planning a Bridal Shower


June 12, 2014

Five New Trends to Think About When Planning a Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are a tradition thrown by the bridal party for the engaged couple. They’ve been around for as long as probably anyone can remember. However, modern times are looking outside the box and inventing new ideas, creating showers that focus on the couple and what they want and need most.

If you are planning an upcoming bridal shower, there are some new trends that you might opt for to help you arrange the special event! Here are five ideas you might want to entertain!

Destination Showers

Bridal showers have more often than not left the living room of your mom or closest friend and out of your local church. Since the bridal shower is now more of an experience rather than opening gift after gift for your kitchen, some brides and their parties decide to spend an overnight trip or the weekend together. Depending on budget of course, you can go on a mini-vacation you’ve all saved up for or always wanted to take or you can make it a one-tank trip to a bed and breakfast or similar location that includes a spa, Jacuzzi, fine food, and beautiful suites. Check out a local wine or champagne tasting or take a cooking class together. Making it a girlfriend weekend will create lasting memories for a long time to come and cement relationships for the future.

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Couple Showers

Many couples decide they prefer to have a shower that features both bride and groom and their friends. It’s like a party before the reception and they can even throw this bash instead of bachelorette or bachelor parties by hosting a cocktail reception or dinner. Maybe an outdoor summer barbeque with games would be enjoyed. A theme can be chosen, bridal party included in set-up, games, or other duties, and presents can be given to them for their new home or a card basket can be provided for monetary gifts. They are coming together as a couple in marriage and joining family and friends, so a couple shower is a nice way to jump start their life together.

Wishing Well

Have a wishing well at the shower in addition to a table for gifts or a basket for cards. Traditionally, this is where guests can give their well-wishes for the couple’s life ahead. Using this tradition in a modern way will personalize the shower and make it interesting and fun! A wishing well should be big enough to hold what you might ask for. Choose an interest of the bride, groom, or both, for instance, if they like books, on the invite ask the guests to bring something book related. If the bride likes the color red, ask them to bring red items for the home. It no longer has to be only small trinkets for the home, personalize it to the couple’s desires or activities. Themes could be sports related, recreation, nature, tourist, beach, and so on. Even the well itself can take on a new shape depending on the theme.

Charity Showers

For a couple who is a bit older and already established with home and life, but still want a party to celebrate with friends, host a party where the guests are encouraged to bring something for a food pantry, a homeless shelter, or set-up an account for a children or health-related charity. Favors can be chosen in the color and theme of the charity and information provided on the tables. During the event the bride and groom can speak about why they believe in giving back to a particular charity. Save the gifts for the wedding.

Extended Honeymoon Shower

For this type of shower, the bride and groom ask for items that they can enjoy together throughout the next few years or more. Have guests bring items for the couple such as spa certificates, massage appointments, certificates to bed and breakfasts, wine tasting certificates, date night ideas, overnight bags, lingerie gift cards, travel necessities, dinner certificates, and so on. This will ensure them to enjoy items for a long time to come that help them stay connected in their marriage and enjoy life!

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