Ten Ways to Date and Create Lasting Romance with Your Spouse or Significant Other!


June 11, 2014

Ten Ways to Date and Create Lasting Romance with Your Spouse or Significant Other!

Are you looking to cultivate romance in your marriage or long-term relationship? Sometimes, when life gets too busy we think our priorities are about work, getting the kids to the next soccer meet or activity, cleaning the house, or volunteering, but in reality, none of these things ever go quite as smoothly if your relationship isn’t stable.

Want to make your spouse or significant other a priority, creating a loving life, but need some ideas to get started? We have ten great date scenarios to inspire you to push your relationship to the top of your to-do list!

Here are TEN ideas to Create a Lasting Romantic Connection:

1.  If you never seem to have enough time or are always on your phone, schedule a date on your calendar, take the day off from work, de-plug, and take the love of your life on a picnic. Focus on the two of you only, remembering fond stories and sharing dreams. Pack their favorite foods, a bottle of favorite wine or champagne, and feed him/her dessert!

2.  Write your partner a love letter each month, leaving this surprise where they might find it alone, but then appear and not only surprise them each time with flowers or candy or a date idea, but with time for just the two of you.

3.  Take dancing lessons! Whatever kind you both might prefer (and be able to do) is fine, but have fun doing something together that allows you to touch each other, look into each other’s eyes, and laugh. There is always something so alluring about dancing!

4.  Go to a neighborhood park and feel like a kid again. Swing. Fly a kite. Throw the Frisbee. Play fetch with your dog, but just do it together and be youthful again, without a care.

5.  In this vein, instead of just going out for dinner, try something fun like you might have as a teenager dating. Go bowling, putt-putt golfing, drag car racing, or to a sporting event. It’s all about feeling young together again, taking the time to laugh and have a good time.

6.  If you are bold, go to your husband or wife’s calendar and discreetly code it with a pre-agreed word or letter that means “sex date.” They can be anytime of the day and you can surprise him/her with a new fun activity each time, creating anticipation for a week about what might occur.

7.  If you’d like to be not as scheduled, you each can take a day off of work and then pack a bag for an adventurous road trip. That’s where the impulsive fun can begin as you head off not knowing what you’ll find to do, where to stop, and create new and lasting memories. Be prepared to drive far enough you’ll spend the night at a romantic bed and breakfast, spurring your impulsiveness well into the night.

8.  Learn to cook new foods together. Take a cooking class to learn new foods you enjoy or want to try. Creating food dishes together can be very thrilling. As your taste buds ignite so can your desire. Take this knowledge back and cook together in your own kitchen to keep that lasting connection.

9.  Take a day trip to a winery if you enjoy wine. Vineyards are the proverbial romantic location and make you feel lost in time. Head to an historic winery with a gorgeous view to take in the sights, taste wine that makes your cheeks blush, eat a fine dinner, and then stay the night nearby at a quaint bed and breakfast that offers you the choice of one of your favorite bottles and a Jacuzzi.

10. Take your spouse or significant other to the spa! Enjoy a hot stone therapeutic massage couple massage, facials, an outdoor massage together with rose petals and the bird chirping, and the soothing aura of aromatherapy. Relaxing together in this way can light each other’s fire. As your cares melt away, you can melt into each other.

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