Planning a Spa Party with Your Daughters and Friends


May 20, 2014

Planning a Spa Party with Your Daughters and Friends

If you have little girls, more than likely they enjoy some personal pampering once in awhile just like mom! Planning a spa birthday party or one just for fun for your daughters and their friends can be simple and fun! They’ll feel like princesses!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Honey Banana Mask

In a blender, combine 1 cup plain yogurt (room temperature), 1 medium banana, 2 tablespoons honey, and 1 drop of blue food coloring. Apply to the face with a brush, avoiding the eyes. Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Pat skin dry. (From Family

Musical Manicures

For this glamorous game, stock up on as many nail polish shades as you have guests (We like Piggy Paint, a line of nontoxic polish that's formulated for kids—lots of colors, no fumes! from $4, at Walmart or and cover a table with a plastic cloth. To play, each child selects a color and takes a place at the table. When the music begins, guests pass the polish around the circle. When the tune stops, each guest polishes one nail with the color she's holding (with an adult's help, if needed). The game continues until all ten nails are done. (From Family

Party Favors

Of course party favors for the spa getaway for girls should include colorful bags filled with nail polish, scented lotion or bath soap, glitter lip gloss, and maybe a sleeping mask. Be sure to include nail polish remover pads and cotton balls. Tie up with a beautiful bow and hand out the satchels to the guests before they leave.  Or make homemade scrubs and put into jars with labels you design on the computer.

Finger Foods

They won’t want to eat anything heavy or have a sit-down meal if they are enjoying spa time. Besides, kids like eating fingers foods. Put out small cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches or bite-sized peanut butter and jelly. Use mini-cookie cutters to cut them into shapes if you are feeling festive. Fruit kabobs and vegetable trays are also easy ideas. Make cookies in the shape of eye masks or make-up or just have assorted candies in a colorful rainbow selection.

Creating Atmosphere

Put on a CD of relaxing music or Kids Bop tunes that the girls enjoy, depending on the mood. Use aromatherapy candles or scents like lavender or vanilla. Have warm fluffy towels and washcloths and have the girls bring their robes and slippers and dress in their pajamas!

What about Mom?

Once the party is done, you’ll need to catch your own breathe and come in for a spa getaway alone or with girlfriends at HideAway Country Inn’s spa! Rejuvenate and replenish your mind for the next summer project or event. If you want to spend more time with your daughters, we also do Mommy and Me spa days! Call us today at (800) 570-8233 to talk to a reservation specialist or go online to see what our spa has to offer.

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