Tips for Planning Intimate, Simple Weddings and Elopements


May 18, 2014

Tips for Planning Intimate, Simple Weddings and Elopements

Are you looking to keep it simple, yet elegant, on your wedding day? Maybe you’d like to elope this summer or do it with a splash on New Year’s Eve?

As many people throw conventional traditions out the window in order to make the memories they want within their budget, there are many options to choose from to keep it simple and stress-free. Need a few tips to help you start? We have several to offer.

Determine what is most important to you, first. Dress? Photos? Flowers? Guests?

For instance, if you want to look pretty, but don’t need a decked-out dress costing thousands of dollars, shop vintage stores or department store sales. If you want to make the dress more original, you can hire a seamstress fairly reasonably in most places or you might have a mom or aunt who is good with stitching. For the bridesmaids, give them a color theme or swatch and allow them to choose their own dresses. This way, they can choose what fits them best and it could be something they wear again instead of just a hanging fixture in their closet.

If photos mean the most to you, considering they do give you a lifetime of memories, then splurge more on a quality photographer and ask for your digital files on a CD. Don’t be restricted by having to order prints from the photographer. Have a few disposable cameras on the table for guests to take candid photos for you, too!

If you keep it to between 25-50 guests, you can do much more with table decorations and embellishment to offer an amazing sit-down dinner. Choose to spend more for flowers that are easily available outdoors or in-season for the table décor and don’t spend too much on party favors. An edible candy or chocolate is an option for less clutter.

Something else to consider is calling on people to assist in the wedding. For instance, ask your friends what talents or services they could provide to keep your costs down and then tell them you’ll return the favor. Maybe you have a friend who is a photographer, a florist, or can bake wonderful cakes and cupcakes. Don’t be afraid to barter!

At HideAway Country Inn, located in Mid Ohio, not only do we host large weddings, we also specialize in being the place of choice for many small, intimate weddings and elopements. With five outdoor places to choose from on our grounds, such as a butterfly garden, flower garden, or pergola, we have a beautiful setting just right for a summer or fall wedding.

However, we also can cater your meal to you specifications offering anything from a barbeque to an elegant indoor sit-down. As well, we can bring out your cake and service your guests. We’ll have an array of sparkling white wine or champagne for you to choose from. And could there be more? Why, yes! You’ll even stay the night with us in our beautiful suites or you can choose to spend your honeymoon here, too!

Call our reservation specialists today at (800) 570-8233 and begin your wedding plans with our wedding planner. Visit us online for more information and view our myriad of opportunities.

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