Plant and Use Fresh Garden Pickings in Dining: Relax, Eat, or Learn


May 8, 2014

Plant and Use Fresh Garden Pickings in Dining: Relax, Eat, or Learn

Do you crave fresh veggies in your meals? Do you remember with delight the meals that your mom used to fix after selecting items from your home garden like red, juicy, sun-ripened tomatoes?

Maybe you don’t have the room or space for a garden, or as much time as you’d like to tinker around with one, but at HideAway Country Inn as the Ohio weather has brought higher temperatures and sprinkles of rain, we’ve been able to get our garden underway, offering fresh vegetables and herbs to be used in our kitchen.

What does that mean for people who choose to stay and dine with us? Our meals not only will continue to use local, farm fresh food, but also will be featuring pickings from our own garden. Sometimes while dining and look out our picturesque windows, you may even see our Chef run out to the garden to select an item for the evening meal!

If you do have your own green thumb and enjoy gardening, you can relax then knowing the goodness that our dining has to offer. Since you might understand gardening and appreciate various gardens, you can even ask to have a tour of our various areas. Wouldn’t it be divine to have a sprig of our herbs put into you glass of bubbling white wine as you peruse the scenic and sunny outdoors?

You might even choose to register for a cooking class where the Chef and staff can teach you how to prepare amazing meals using fresh foods from the garden. You might also wish to learn about what types of red or white wine might pair well with various summer foods and plates. In addition, you could become educated on how to plant your own kitchen garden and start whipping up delightful meals right in your own home.

We hope to bring you more dining news from the garden this summer from HideAway Country Inn! Call our reservation specialists at (800) 570-8233 today for dinner or lodging desires. We have a wealth of packages, even specified just for gardeners, which are perfect for an overnight or weekend gardening getaway as well.

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