Bridesmaids: Tips for Choosing Creative Bridesmaid Dresses to Make Everyone Happy


April 25, 2014

Bridesmaids: Tips for Choosing Creative Bridesmaid Dresses to Make Everyone Happy

Your wedding is an amazing time to spend with loved ones and family, including your extra special friends and sisters who are your bridesmaids. However, as is so often in life, all friends are not made alike. Each has their own personality type, style, body image issues, body shape, coloring, and the list can go on, correct?

So what is a bride to do in order to make everyone in her bridal party happy, yet still feel happy and not cross the line to being over bearing or bossy? We have some tips to make your wedding day beautiful and drama-free.

Exact Dresses—

If you insist that they all wear the exact same dress down to the cut, length and color, then possibly allow them to choose their own shoe type within color guidelines of course. That would make for interesting photos as well, as they each highlight their shoes showcasing their unique personalities.

Make the Dresses a Fun Print—

If all your bridesmaids feel they look great in prints (some women feel it makes them look larger, but you can get their opinions up front), then choose a print such as a dress with sunflowers for the summer. Maybe in navy, tea-length, with sunflowers printed on it and yellow shoes. They can all have some fun making great outdoor photo memories in attire like this and you can promise them all really cool sunglasses.

Photo Credit: Orange Photographie

Different Colors—

Choose various colors within the same color theme, hue, or wheel. For instance, if you like purple, have one each in the various shades of purple and lavender. Have their flower compliment each dress if your flowers are also in the purple color palette or if the color is a secondary theme color choice, have the dresses be different in color and the flowers be in unison as well as the shoes.

Different Material and Drape—

Not only can you improvise by having them choose different shades of same color, you can also add to that type of material, shoulder and neck line drapes, and length. For instance, if you are having a vintage or historical type wedding, you could have one wear chiffon in taupe with no sleeves and a bouncy skirt, another could wear a metallic copper full length tight-fitting dress, yet another could wear a brown historic or design print in a tea-length, and another could wear a cream with vintage flowers and poufy sleeves. This way, each can choose a color and cut that matches them best and your photos will look absolutely creative and beautiful. Yet, support for you as the bride can be shown through similar flowers in a peach or teal color scheme.

There is a wide-array of modern trends that are now acceptable for you to incorporate into your bridal party that will not only make you happy, but your bridal party as well. Be creative and make your day shine!

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