Several Simple Foot Care Tips and Relaxations Techniques for Summertime Feet


April 23, 2014

Several Simple Foot Care Tips and Relaxations Techniques for Summertime Feet

Your feet take a great amount of preparation as spring comes, yet they also take upkeep during the summer as well! Once you have your feet looking fabulous, you’ll want to also make sure to pamper your feet after long summer hikes, vacations, or keep your polish fresh for weekend getaways or events.

Here are a few tips to keep your summer feet happy and dancing to tunes late into the night:

Let Your Feet Breathe—Wear your sandals with pride and let your feet grab the air. Exfoliate, hydrate, and make them look fabulous so you won’t be shy about tossing those socks to the side.

Treat Yourself to a Foot Massage—Give yourself daily or weekly foot soaks and massages at home with special lotions or a foot bath, but also be sure to splurge on a professional foot massage and treatment as summer begins.

Wash Your Feet Frequently—If you work in a day job with tight heels or work shoes, with the warmer weather upon us, your feet may sweat more. Be sure to wash more times daily, dry, and use a proper foot powder. This will cut down on smell or bacteria.

At HideAway Country Inn in Bucyrus, Ohio, we are centrally located to be able to offer you day spa visits that are just a quick trip for you if you need a massage or pedicure. We offer a complete foot massage as one package choice, beginning with an aromatherapy and flower petal soak to relax your feet. Or, try one of our pedicures to make your toes shine in your sandals. Enjoy a relaxation aromatherapy soak with fresh flower petals, essential oils in a warm foot bath, followed by a light relaxation massage. Afterwards, pick a vibrant summer hue that will stand out in the sand.

We have many choices in our spa that you can enjoy all summer long, but of course, we’d also be happy to have you come for a weekend spa getaway with us where you can fully relax. Leave your job for a few days vacation, take the kid’s to a sitter or grandma’s house, and have someone dog sit as you take some time for yourself.

You can view all our spa packages and choices for summer by going online to /spa/treatments. Call our reservation specialists today at (800) 570-8233 to plan your visit.

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