Five Things to Plan That Can Make Your Summer Outdoor Wedding Fun!


April 17, 2014

Five Things to Plan That Can Make Your Summer Outdoor Wedding Fun!

Summer, though it can be hot even in Ohio, is a great time to have a wedding! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and people are in good spirits. Plus, as a bride you have an array of fabulous colors and themes to choose from!

An outdoor wedding is one of the most sought after types of weddings. At HideAway Country Inn, located near Bucyrus, Ohio, we have 22 acres of woodland and scenic area and offer five distinct places in which you can have your ceremony.

Wouldn’t it make it special to utilize our beautiful butterfly garden or be married under our pergola with trees adorning you in the background? Our wedding planner is happy to work with you to make your special day a success. You can have your ceremony, your reception, and even honeymoon all right here with us.

What are some fun things to do at a summer wedding? We have five thoughts right here for you to get your planning finished up for 2014 wedding or to start planning for 2015.

Summer Table Items

Summer is almost its own theme. In matching with your décor and colors, leave sunglasses, colorful fans, bottle of spritzer, bug spray, sun block, chapstick, and even flip flops for your guests to enjoy on the tables or in baskets around the reception! Be sure to leave disposable cameras on the table so they capture all the fun memories.

Outdoor Reception Games

Many times summer weddings include lots of family and friends with children. Children can really spark up an event with all their smiles and fun-loving party spirits. They can also get bored easy. With an outdoor wedding, if there is room, let the kids roam free and play some small outdoor games. You could set up a small kiddie pool and have them fish for prizes or make a sand pile and hide treasures. At HideAway Inn, we even offer games for adults as we have corn hole, life-size outdoor chess, and Jenga!

Finger Foods

Don’t go all out with a heavy buffet or inside sit-down dinner when you have finger foods in an array of colors. It’s hot and people don’t want to fill up, but graze. Try anti pasta salad or fixings, fresh fruit kabobs cut in shapes or arranged by color, and small finger sandwiches. Colored macaroons or little cupcakes instead of a huge cake are also easy to eat and can make a theme very festive and fun. Try the trendy drink bar and put out large fountains or pitchers of pink lemonade and iced tea.

Flowers in the Hair

Pictures are always made more beautiful with flowers in the hair. String flower garlands into your bridesmaid’s hair, have them wear a flower or two in their hairstyle, or make daisy necklaces for all your guests and encourage the beauty of nature in your day.


Make the outdoors feel at home by decorating with lanterns or interesting candelabras in the trees. Hang mason jars from the trees with lights, string white lights around the tree trunks, set your dining tables up as if Alice is enjoying a tea party with the Mad Hatter, or choose an Asian theme and hang Chinese lanterns in beautiful summer colors from strings that run tree to tree.

Our wedding planners and reservation specialists are happy to support your every desire. Just call us at (800) 570-8233 to discuss your plans and date today. You can see our wedding options online at: /weddings/wedding-packages.

*Outdoor Party Photo from Babble website. Food photo from Serious Eats website.

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