Tips and Trends for Springtime Wedding Day Hair


April 10, 2014

Tips and Trends for Springtime Wedding Day Hair

Spring weather is always a toss-up especially when it comes to hosting outdoor or semi-outdoor events such as weddings or wedding receptions. And there is nothing worse to a woman than having her hair ruined by weather on a big day. Are you afraid your hair will end up looking like the mop of One Direction's Harry Styles, AKA "a tangled mess?"

Well, how do you handle the springtime weather flux and keep your hair looking fabulous? Here are a few tips to help you be a beautiful bride, no matter what Mother Nature has in mind. And you might not end up looking like a guy from a boy band either, but now about your groom's hair.....ah, I digress, let's focus on you. Read on for some hints to make  your hair look amazing.

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*Frizz—If your ceremony is in late spring, you might hit some humidity. Sometimes hair gets frizzy due to reaching out to take in the extra moisture. Try anti-frizz serum on your damp hair. Comb through evenly. You might try to apply a second dose of anti-frizz serum and keep a small bottle on hand to douse any fly aways.

*Don’t do the unusual—Of course it’s a special day and you want to make your hair look extraordinary. However, if weather might play in issue, don’t try to do something with your hair that is unnatural or doesn’t work. If your hair is naturally curly, trying to straighten and hope it stays straightened might not work if the weather is humid. Try to make the best of the hair you have and play up the assets.

*Don’t use a hot dryer—Make sure if you dry your hair that you don’t blow the heat full force the entire time. Use a hit of the cool setting to set hair and seal the pores opened by heat. This will also keep your head from attracting dirt. It will also help with frizz.

*Adding Volume—Adding volume to hair is very “in” with various types of dresses this year. However, try to add volume by teasing correctly instead of relying only on hairspray. Hairspray can just end up flattening, especially in any humid or damp weather.

*Try out your style for a few weeks—Be sure to attempt to style your hair and wear it prior to your wedding. That way you’ll know whether it will work or not or if it will fall flat. Try out different styles til you find one you like that also works with the weather.

Again, outdoor weddings can be beautiful but the best laid plans always seem to never work out in regards to weather. With a little pre-planning and testing, coupled with preparation, your wedding day hairstyle is sure to be grand and leave you looking completely gorgeous.

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