Zardetto Prosecco: An Italian Bubbly White Wine that Allows Versatile and Enjoyable Dining Options


March 16, 2014

Zardetto Prosecco: An Italian Bubbly White Wine that Allows Versatile and Enjoyable Dining Options

Zardetto Prosecco (pronounced: Pro-se-koh) is an Italian sparkling wine made from the white grape of the same name. A light and bubbly wine, tending toward the dry side, its history lies in the Veneto region in the northeast section of the Italian boot. It’s a very versatile wine, now made in various wineries and in several types, each with hints of fruit flavors to tantalize your palate.

The Wine Advocate stated that the “fruit tends towards ripe yellow peaches, with flowers, spices and minerals that add complexity. The finish is long, generous and nicely balanced.”

Even though it is dry and fruity, many people have described liking it with various cheeses and chocolates in tastings. Other variations can offer hits of assorted apple, pear, some citrus and a dash of nutty almond.

Zardetto Prosecco is a lovely option to drink beside bites of prosciutto, stuffed mushrooms, dinners with cream sauce, seafood, and spicy Asian entrees. For a more casual evening snack, you can even pair the sparkling wine with buttery popcorn or almonds. This fizzy drink is well-rounded and food-friendly which allows it to resonate with most meal choices.

Photo taken from the Zardetto Wine Website

Hailing from the fabulous Conegliano hills, 40 miles from Venice, Italy, Zardetto has been a leader in sparkling wine for over 30 years and sits amid the famous Prosecco vineyards. In fact, Venice's popular Bellini cocktail is traditionally made with Prosecco and peach puree. It can be used in other cocktails such as Mimosas as well!

This sparkling white wine is bubbly, refreshing, enjoyable, economical, and adapts to many types of food selections or is great with appetizers. Serve well-chilled for best results.

At HideAway Country Inn, a quaint bed and breakfast with 22 acres of land, gorgeous rooms, and fine dining options, we feature Zardetto Prosecco as both an aperitif and finish to a meal! Some of our staff at HideAway Country Inn stated that they personally love the Prosecco because it is versatile, light, crisp, not too dry, not too sweet...and has lots of bubbles!

Also at the Inn, you can add a sprig of herb or some fruit to your glass! Rosemary, lemon thyme, pineapple sage, cranberries, and blackberries are some of the options you can add to customize your drink.

Our Inn is located near the heart of Ohio, which means we are located centrally to so many towns like Bucyrus and Marion, but also to Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo, to offer you a delightful Ohio wine getaway and top-notch dining options, with a selection of over 100 wines that are housed in our climate controlled wine cellar.

Join us for our wine dinner on April 5 when we compare Oak vs. Butter Chardonnay. We will start with the Prosecco aperitif and then proceed through three Chardonnays. Call (800) 570-8233 for reservations and watch our website for more information prior to the dinner: /calendar/2014/04/05/wine-dinner.

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