Five Reasons to Plan a Girlfriend Getaway with Your Friends: Spa, Wine, Laughs, and More!


March 14, 2014

Five Reasons to Plan a Girlfriend Getaway with Your Friends: Spa, Wine, Laughs, and More!

We read somewhere that April features a day for appreciating your best girlfriends, though we couldn’t verify it anywhere. But it is National Stress Awareness Month and hanging out with your best friends is always a way to relieve stress, right? Every day is a good day to appreciate the friends in your life that help you get through every day on the calendar all year long!

A weekend getaway that includes spa treatments is a great way to have fun and relax together. You don’t even need a specific reason why, but in case you do (like if you need a reason to tell your kids why you must go!) here are some ideas.

Birthday Milestone:

One or several of you will have a milestone birthday. Maybe you are hitting your 30s, 40s, 50s, and need a relaxing trip to rejuvenate and get a good start on your next decade of life. Maybe you need some laughter, a cocktail, a great massage, and a night of laughter with your friends around the fireplace. There can even be cake!


Perhaps one of your friends or yourself just garnered a big award, secured a promotion, or completed a tough project. Relaxing with a spa getaway that includes a massage treatment is a great way to ease the tension that comes from too many hours at a desk or computer. Plus, you can celebrate with champagne, a great bottle of wine, or whatever cocktail strikes your party mood.

End of a Relationship:

Many times we lean on our friends for emotional support after a break-up in a relationship. Taking a getaway trip with friends is highly recommended in order for a woman to stay positive. Laughing and having fun are always much-needed ways to alleviate emotional stress. Having a body or facial treatment at a spa can leave you feeling beautiful and refreshed.

You’re a Mom:

Everyone loves their children, but whether you are a new mom, or mom to three (or especially if you’ve got triplets!!) there must be time for “you” time. Take a break to relax with friends in a girlfriend getaway that includes a massage at the spa and extra special treatment that focus only on you and your friends. No diapers to change, no kids to feed, nothing to organize. Just relax and have fun without looking over your shoulder every 10 seconds! And have a cocktail without the guilt!

Getting Married:

Celebrate you or one of your friends getting engaged to the man of her dreams, but vow to always make time for each other at your getaway retreat! Have a bachelorette party that is an overnight stay, where you can have fun, drink, and party in a safe environment with a bar, cocktails in the room, Jacuzzi, and spa treatments!

There are many more reasons, depending on individual situations, why girlfriend weekends are a must! They are not only enjoyable, but also relaxing and offer a great amount of stress relief. At HideAway Country Inn, located in the secluded woodland area near Bucyrus, Marion, and Mansfield, Ohio, we love to host girlfriend getaways and we’ll cater to your specified needs!

Just call (800) 570-8233 today to see what gorgeous rooms and chat area we have for you and your friends. Head to the spa and then snuggle up by the fireplace with cocktails and stories. We are more than happy to help you plan your stay. For more information on our spa and lodging, and great girlfriend weekend ideas, start here: /spa/girlfriend-getaway.

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