Spring Wedding Favors that Will Add Beauty and Delight to Your Seasonal Celebration


March 3, 2014

Spring Wedding Favors that Will Add Beauty and Delight to Your Seasonal Celebration

Spring is just around the bend! It’s time for traipsing through woodland trails, smelling the flowers and the crisp scent of nature, feeling gentle breezes, and being aligned with the overall sense of transition and renewal. It’s the perfect time to have a wedding and focus on new beginnings!

If you are planning a spring wedding, you'll have many adorable and memorable themes to choose from to make your day special! There are a wide range of ideas for some amazing springtime wedding favors! We’ve come up with a few to help you plan some visually appealing thank you gifts for your reception attendees, no matter your budget being large or small.

Flower Seeds

Giving your guests a beautiful package of seeds, maybe with a vintage or colorful package, tied up with a ribbon in one of your wedding colors, offers a way to send a lasting gifts home from your big day. There is a wealth of biodegradable paper products, in all types of designs, infused with seeds. You can attach them to designed postcard sized paper with a cute saying such as “grow with us” as a keepsake. You can find and order many of these on the Internet and many Esty businesses sell them. You’ll help your family and friends plant memories with love. Each time their flowers bloom, they’ll think of the day they spent celebrating with you!

Potted Flowers

Find some small sized pots, paint your wedding information or a fun phrase on the pot, and plant the bulb variety of spring flowers, maybe even the miniature versions, so that attendees can take home to their kitchen window. Depending on your theme or flower choices, you could also give everyone a planted herb to use in their cooking.


Everyone loves a favor that includes a treat to take home. Consider placing several brightly or pastel colored macaroons in spring colors in a small box with a colorful ribbon. Another option, and one you might be able to make yourself, are sugared nuts. Tie them up in a pretty sack with a bow. To both, you can attach a nice keepsake thank you card for the attendees. Or give some chocolate eggs wrapped in colorful foil with a nice tag and a bird's nest.


Also eventually an edible, but as a favor have organic flavored honey put into small glass bottle and tie a wooden honey whisk around it with a ribbon matching your wedding colors. This is especially cute if you have a black and yellow wedding or reception theme and decorate with flowers, bees, ladybugs, and all things garden. Your phrase could be “You’ve heard the buzz, we’re in love” or “We’ll grow our garden with love” or “Bee Loved.”

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Miniature Gnomes or Birds

Buy some cute miniature gnomes off the Internet and adorn the table with gardening decorations. Let the attendees take home the gnomes to put in their kitchen window or garden in remembrance of your big day. Porcelain bird salt/pepper shakers in a box are something of lasting value, yet also look elegant during your reception.

Those are just a few examples of what you might offer at your wedding reception, though there are always numerous ideas for spring wedding favors. This season is a great time to utilize light and airy colors and offer environmental and natural gifts.

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