Forgot Valentine’s Day? Make it up to her with a relaxing visit to our spa resort!


February 19, 2014

Forgot Valentine’s Day? Make it up to her with a relaxing visit to our spa resort!

Are you in the doghouse after forgetting to do something for your lady on Valentine’s Day? According to a survey by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, 53 percent of women said they would end their relationship if they did not get anything for Valentine’s Day!! Don’t let yourself be on the wrong side of the percentages!

Flowers and candy are nice, but after forgetting Valentine’s Day, you really need to go the extra mile. If you need to try to woo your lady and get back in her good graces, you need to do something unique to make her feel special. What would make her feel more special than a trip to the spa resort at Hideaway Country Inn near Bucyrus, Ohio?

Whisk her away to our secluded inn located in the beautiful countryside of central Ohio. We offer a wide range of spa treatments that will leave her feeling like a new woman.

While she’s here, she will be refreshed and rejuvenated as enjoys a hot stone massage or a skin exfoliation with a sea salt scrub. Treat her to a massage or let her relax with a soothing facial and facial massage treatment. Make your getaway extra special by including some of our fabulous extras and stay the night with us, giving plenty of time for a warm conversation in the hot tub by the crackling fireplace.

Booking a relaxing spa getaway at Hideaway Country Inn will help make her forget about your Valentine’s Day faux pas. Call 1-800-570-8233 today to reserve your special visit!

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