Are Your Health Issues with Food Causing You to Eat-In? See How We Can Create a Perfect Dining Experience for You!


January 31, 2014

Are Your Health Issues with Food Causing You to Eat-In?  See How We Can Create a Perfect Dining Experience for You!

Is your new year also a fresh start for you in terms of your diet? Have you made a resolution to better your health by being a vegetarian? Or maybe you now need to eat gluten free or have Celiac disease? Sometimes these needs and goals make it seem like we must shop and stay home to enjoy a good evening meal!

At HideAway Country Inn, located near Mansfield, Bucyrus, and Marion, we can create a meal that fits your needs! We won’t just serve you ANY bland meal as a side thought, but take pride in presenting a meal catered to you that will light up your taste buds!

The owner of HideAway Inn has taken every precaution in our kitchen and our chefs know how to make gluten-free and vegetarian foods that taste divine! They understand that when eating out such intricacies and delicacies like salad dressings and decadent chocolate desserts are tempting, but not allowed if you want to stay well when you have an allergy or disease. We’ll create for you food that is just as or more enjoyable so that you won’t feel stressed or deprived of a fabulous meal!

We can make the dining options appeal to your entire family, or create a meal just for one. If your family prefers to dine on a wider scale, we also offer an amazing menu in our Inn’s dining room. A large picture window allows for a picturesque view of our 22 acres of winter wonderland and a crackling fireplace adds to the ambiance and warms your experience. Another option is to enjoy spending an evening in our Leaning Oak Bistro and Wine Bar, where you can hang out as a family, enjoy a great bottle of wine, and relax to a filling dinner in a casual atmosphere.

Be sure to call us ahead at 419-562-3013 to discuss your needs and desires. We promise to exceed your expectations with a delectable, homemade meal made just for you based on your dietary choices. We are just a lovely getaway drive from many central to western Ohio cities and our food and customer service is definitely worth it!

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