Relieve Stress and Start Your New Year Right with a Rejuvenating Spa Getaway at HideAway Inn


January 30, 2014

Relieve Stress and Start Your New Year Right with a Rejuvenating Spa Getaway at HideAway Inn

Isn’t it refreshing to think that with the dawn of a new year comes an open book of outlooks and opportunities? Of course in Ohio, it always comes right in the middle of winter’s dark and dreary days and early nights! So what can you do to keep an upbeat approach and combat those winter blues on your way to planning a new you?

Come to HideAway Inn’s Spa, nestled near Bucyrus, Marion, and Mansfield in North Central Ohio! Enjoy a night cuddled up by a warm fireplace after a soak in a relaxing jetted tub, then take advantage of a massage in our therapy room that will melt your tension away.

With the sun hiding from view on the East Coast, fatigue and insomnia can certainly set in over the winter.   Based on the information from the Florida State Massage Therapy Association, massages can assist in the promotion of serotonin in the brain which can help to prevent depression. They can be calming, soothing, and comforting at a time you really need to smooth out the stress so you can have a better outlook. It can relieve anxiety, lower the heart rate, improve circulation, and assist the lymphatic system in its removal of toxins. According to, this can even assist in the care of your skin and might help lessen stretch marks.

Massage can loosen taut muscles and aid in clearer thinking! There isn’t a better way to start a new year than with a clear mind after a winter getaway! Whether making resolutions or not, starting anew is always something that can be a goal with each calendar change. Stimulate the mind, body, and soul with activities that help you put your best foot forward to make this your banner year.

A hot stone massage can focus on joints and other areas of the body needing direct heat, warming all areas of your tired and overworked body. According to , hot stone placement can help trigger the body’s natural healing powers and boost your immune system. Prepare your body early to ward off ailments that can hinder the pursuit of your dreams.

Enjoying a facial massage with hot towels also sounds heavenly if you’ve been enduring sinus stress over this East Coast winter in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, or Michigan. This treatment can help clear your mind of facial, jaw, and head pain, allowing you to think with more clarity about the things that matter most in your life. Your sleep-deprived eyes will be cooled with cream as you let your mind wander to all things happy while your therapist removes your body’s stress.

Exfoliating with a sea salt scrub can also remove dead skin cells and toxins from your skin. In addition, trying out a mask will help to further remove impurities of the skin and deep clean your pores. Having one of our facials can invigorate your body even further and make you glow!

Having a spa getaway at HideAway Inn Bed and Breakfast can create for you an environment to indulge in a luxurious spa experience that will launch your new beginnings. A weekend getaway of relaxation and spa treatments at HideAway Inn is right at your fingertips to help you catch up on your rest, reduce stress, and put your best foot forward leading into a fabulous spring full of everything your heart desires.

Call us today at (800) 570-8233 to make a reservation in one of our cozy suites or themed loft rooms, where you can warm by the fireplace and soak in a jetted tub, then let us help you choose the spa package that is just right for you.

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