8 Steps for the Ultimate Bridal Shower


April 23, 2013

 8 Steps for the Ultimate Bridal Shower

So your bachelorette party has come and gone..but have you put any thought into the bridal shower? Our wedding planner here at HideAway inn is here to brief you on throwing the ultimate bridal shower and what all this entails. We recently had the luxury of planning a “Kate Middleton” theme full of pearls, lace, and black elegant décor. Let HideAway Inn know your theme and we’ll customize a package just for you!

1) Team Work
Talk to at least one or two other people in the bridal party and divide up the expenses and tasks to be done to create less stress and make the party planning much more manageable.

2) Theme
Talk to the bride to see what theme she prefers or if she’d like to be surprised. Some ideas are a midday luncheon, Diva for a Day, Sex in the City, Black and White, etc.

3) Plan the Basics
Talk to the bride and decide on the date, place and time for the shower. You may want to talk to a few venues and give your bride-to-be a few options.

4) Invites
Talk to the bride to see if she’s an extreme planner or more laid back. The norm is to send out invites at least four to six weeks in advance.

5) RSVPs
Have guests RSVP to one phone number if you’re planning with a group to prevent confusion.

6) Invite Details

Don’t forget to include the couple’s registry with locations! Also let people know the theme especially if it affects their attire.

7) Game Time
Plan the games, prizes, food, drinks and decorations.

8) Tasks
Assign one person from the bridal party to take gifts upon guests arrival and another to record gifts and givers as the bride-to-be opens her gifts.

Happy planning! Contact us at 800.570.8233!


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