Wedding Ready Nails with HideAway


April 8, 2013

Wedding Ready Nails with HideAway

If you are like most brides we’ve seen here at HideAway Inn, you want to look perfect on your wedding day. This means everything from a perfectly polished manicure down to a flawlessly scrubbed and exfoliated pedicure. HideAway, located in Bucyrus, Ohio, takes pride in having an excellent spa. One thing we’ve encountered across the board is that our soon-to-be brides have no idea how to style their nails for the big day so we’ve taken things into our own hands and created a little “To Do” list just for you!

1) Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day
Nail technicians can only work with what they’ve got so don’t come in with nail bitten hands expecting a miracle. Start prepping by getting weekly manicures about three months before your wedding date to ensure nails are in the best condition possible.

2) Finding The One
Don’t shop around from salon to salon. Try to use the same manicurist each time to make sure nails are filed the same way, etc. If your wedding is in another town, do your research beforehand to get a great referral.

3) Color with Love
Before your first dress fitting, paint your nails the shade you THINK you want to wear to see how it looks against your dress. Can’t think of the perfect color? We suggest any nude color by OPI or a French manicure.

4) Love Your Toes Too!
Don’t forget to plan for a pedicure. You’ll still want to have soft feet and perfectly painted toes even if you don’t think anyone will see your feet.

For more tips or to book a mani/pedi, call HideAway at 800.570.8233


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