3 Simple Steps for Ring Shopping


March 27, 2013

3 Simple Steps for Ring Shopping

Spring is here and HideAway Country Inn is all weddings, weddings, weddings! Our event planner is busier than ever and planning lots of fun, unique outdoor weddings this season with our various wedding packages. One major “trend” our wedding planner has seen lately are unconventional wedding rings. If you’re like most brides, you’ve got one big thing on your mind: the engagement ring. However, we are finding that many brides are going a different route than the basic diamond. When searching for an engagement ring (or giving your significant other a few hints), there are quite a few factors to keep in mind. To help make this process easier, we thought we’d share the basics.

1) Show me the Money
One of the most important factors of course is the expense. It’s important to make sure you and your fiancé are on the same page when it comes to the budget for the ring. Do a little researching on the ring you want and make sure it’s in the price range you both feel comfortable with.

2) The Style
Focus on the design. Do you want a sweetheart cut, vintage inspired, black diamond, tacori style, etc? The list goes on and on. Do a little searching with your friend google and narrow down the design that suites your personality and style.

3) Surprise or Not?
While some women want to do the engagement shopping together and be involved in every step of the process, others opt for the surprise factors. Discuss what you prefer so you won’t be disappointed.

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