Untraditional Weddings at HideAway


February 17, 2013

Untraditional Weddings at HideAway

What comes to your mind when you think of a wedding? Many will picture the basics: an afternoon to early evening ceremony followed by an evening reception. However, HideAway Country Inn offers a different view to the traditional wedding with our “Sunrise Celebration.”

The Sunrise Celebration takes a unique twist by allowing you and your spouse to enjoy wedding bliss throughout the entire day by having the ceremony in the morning and followed with a special reception of breakfast, brunch or a mid-day meal. Instead of the traditional bar, HideAway can set up a unique mimosa and bloody mary bar as well as include other fun twists throughout the day.

Because this wedding is more on the unconventional side, there are some “rules” to keep in mind that we will share with you.

1) Attire
The couple to be may wear the traditional form wedding attire OR they may wear variations such as a short wedding dress for an informal morning wedding. A veil is also optional. The groom may also wear a less formal attire. The key is just to make sure the bride and groom wear the same style of attire to the ceremony.

2) Bridesmaids
Like the bride, the bridesmaid’s dresses may be less formal as well. The key again is to just make sure the bridesmaids compliment the bride’s gown.

3) Guest Attire
Wedding guests should dress in clothing that is light for a morning ceremony. A light colored suit or sundress is appropriate for outdoor morning weddings and women are even permitted to wear hats. Dark clothing is not recommended.

4) Wedding Reception
Similar to a reception, a brunch or early lunch is typically served with a morning wedding. This can include brunch food or appetizers. White wines and champagne are typically served.

For more details or questions, contact HideAway at 800.570.8233.

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