“Just Because” Massages


January 8, 2013

“Just Because” Massages

Many times we think we need to have a reason to book a massage. HideAway Inn’s licensed massage team has tons of reasons why you should get a massage monthly just because. Many of us think we shouldn’t spend money on ourselves, feelings of guilt start to arise, or we think money can be better spent. However, research will show that massages are not just for feeling good. They have real health and wellness benefits to them so next time you think you need a “reason” to get a massage, remind yourself of the list below and indulge, guilt-free.

The List
1) Boost your Immune System
There aren’t many things that are more important than your health. According to MORE magazine, “In studies of women with breast cancer, we found that when cortisol levels are up, natural killer (NK) cells are down. Natural killer cells are the front line of the immune system. They kill cancer cells, viral cells and bacterial cells, so you definitely want them up. In one of our studies, for instance, women with stages 1 and 2 breast cancer were given 30-minute massages three times a week for five weeks. At the end of the study, the women had lower depression and hostility levels and increased urinary levels of serotonin, dopamine, NK cells and lymphocytes—all of which suggested their immune systems were stronger.” There you have it. Do it for your health!

2) Lose Weight
You read that right. Good massage therapy puts your muscles into a better fat burning mode, improves flexibility and prepares muscles for more efficient and effective work. Massage also improves blood flow and circulation which directly contributes to your metabolism rate and helps you burn fat faster. To get the most from this benefit, a massage is recommended weekly.

3) Removes Toxins
Even if you just get a relaxing massage versus a deep tissue massage, this will still release toxins from your body. Massage releases toxins through the body tissues and muscles and through the blood and lymphatic system. This is why you should always drink plenty of water afterward to help take the released toxins out of your body.

4) Massage for an injury or sore area
There are all types of massages out there for this category such as sports massage, deep tissue, targeted injury massage and so on.

So next time you feel apprehensive about booking a massage with HideAway just read your list and book away! Call 800.570.8233 and enjoy.



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