“Little Something Extras” from your Wedding Planner at HideAway Inn


October 17, 2012

“Little Something Extras” from your Wedding Planner at HideAway Inn

I recently was invited as a guest to two weddings the past two weekends in Mansfield, Ohio and in Marion, Ohio. Both weddings were beautiful and unique in their own way but the things that stuck out to me were the little something extras. My best friend who is currently planning her wedding is going through the process of deciding what mementos to leave guests with.

The first wedding I went to was a tucked away country club that felt like an enchanted garden. Guests of the wedding stayed at the venue overnight so all guests were given their names and table number on a rustic looking key with a heart to keep forever.

The second wedding had a candy bar where guests could fill up their bag of candy and tie an engraved ribbon around the bag to take home. They also had a photo booth with décor that you could put on. Our group took full advantage of this and I think I left with close to 30 strips of photographs. The nice part about this was the booth printed two sets and the newlywed couple had hired someone to post each picture strip into a photo album where guests could sign their page and leave a note.

My friend is in the process of deciding what to put into a gift basket for every guest who stays at the hotel after. This can be pricey depending on how many guests you have but an extremely cute idea, nevertheless.

Have you been to a unique wedding that stands out in your mind? We’d love to hear about any fun, different, and creative ideas you’ve experience! Let us know on our facebook or leave a comment below.

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