Dress Shopping from the Wedding Planner at HideAway Country Inn


October 8, 2012

Dress Shopping from the Wedding Planner at HideAway Country Inn

After much time spent dress searching everywhere from Marion to Mansfield to Columbus, Ohio, our recent bride settled on a simple black bachelorette dress from Wendy’s Bridal located in Dublin, Ohio. Being naive to the process, I assumed we would walk in, try on a few dresses and purchase one then and there for about a hundred dollars. I was sadly mistaken.

The reality went something like this:
We walked in and were greeted by a store worker who was great. All the dresses come in one size so you have to get pinned and clipped and imagine what you’d really look like. After this, everyone of all body shapes and sizes has to agree on one dress. Of course, we happened to pick the more expensive dress priced (with a discount) at $175.00. Then you are sent home to schedule an appointment to come back for measurements. I recently had my measurements and found out each of my measurements fall at a different size so I have to order the larger size and then return to pay for it to be hemmed and then again for it to be taken in.

On a happy note, the bride did choose a sweetheart cut satin black dress that can be worn again or taken up a little higher to serve as a “going out” dress.

Stop back to our wedding blog next week to catch the latest! Feel free to share a story of one of your shopping extravaganzas with us!

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