Bachelorette Packages from the Wedding Planner at HideAway Country Inn


August 28, 2012

Bachelorette Packages from the Wedding Planner at HideAway Country Inn

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I was asked to plan two bachelorette parties for the same bride: one that would accommodate a group of all ages and one destination party-like that is targeted to the mid-20s.  Coincidentally my friend asked me to look into ideas for the “all ages group” and I obviously stumbled upon HideAway Inn.  What better bachelorette package than a wine tasting with dinner, spa treatments in the room and an inviting overnight stay that includes breakfast in the morning.  With everyone traveling in from Marion, Ohio and Mansfield, Ohio; Bucyrus seemed like a great fit.

That being said, I did stumble upon an amazing group during my Google searches: The Ladies Explorer Club.  In this group,  women can sign up for adventures to do bucket list items at a fair price and with other like-minded women.  How does this apply? She also puts together customized bachelorette packages! The owner, Michelle Rapp, puts together packages based on the brides preference and has done packages anywhere from a night of wine and canvas to making your own wine paired with a wine tasting to dinner and a show at The Shadow Box completed by a night of salsa dancing. 

Another group a little on the more “exotic” side that I stumbled upon was Candy Cane located in Columbus, Ohio. They provided danced theme parties, exotic pole dancing with girlfriends, wine and cheese tasting and more. 

If you’re stuck trying to decide what to plan for a bachelorette party, I recommend one of the three choices above. Take into account the dynamics of your group and plan accordingly. 

Happy Planning!


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