Bachelorette 101 from the Wedding Planner at HideAway Country Inn, Mid Ohio outdoor wedding venue


August 14, 2012

Bachelorette 101 from the Wedding Planner at HideAway Country Inn, Mid Ohio outdoor wedding venue

As previously mentioned, my best friend recently asked me to be her maid of honor. Now, I’ve planned romantic getaways in Ohio, local girl’s weekend trips to places like Mansfield, Ohio and Marion, Ohio. However, I’ve never planned a bachelorette party. Therefore, I’m going to get personal and walk you through my life for the next year in all my “maid of honor” duties. After reviewing my past blog article, Bridesmaid 101, I realized I have no idea where to start with the bachelorette party. This bride to be isn’t the fly by the seat of your pants kind of gal. If I ask her what she’s doing on a random Tuesday three months from now she’ll have something booked in her planner. Therefore, if I want to throw on amazing bachelorette party (and I do), I need to get started now!

This bride to be has bridesmaids that are all different ages so she wants one bachelorette party in Mid Ohio for everyone and one destination party for the “younger” group. The Mid Ohio party will be easy with places like Marion, Ohio which make easy commutes. My real focus is with the destination party. We are meeting this week to determine some out-of-state locations. However, no matter where the party takes place, I’ve put together a researched count-down list of how to prioritize your planning.

First, find out who the bride to be wants to invite. This doesn’t have to be limited to just the bridesmaids. Then, ask the following questions:
1)How long do you want the trip to be?
2)How are people getting there?
3)Discuss finances. Is everyone pitching in an equal amount?
4)Ask the bride what she wants in terms of a bachelorette party. A night out on the town dancing until the sun comes up or pizza and karaoke at a local dive?
Set the date and send out the invites to the guest list.

1)Send out your “save the date” and have everyone RSVP.
2)Brainstorm possible games, entertainment, etc with the maids
3)Make sure to order all tickets, book reservations, etc. Plan transportation now as drinking will most likely be involved.

Send out an email to the maids with all the final plans like hotel information, food and drink, who is responsible for what and so on.

1)Give the bride a few details and run down. You don’t need to tell her everything!
2)Remind guests of all details.
3)Re-confirm all reservations
4)Sleep and get ready to have the time of your life!

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