Farmer's Markets


July 19, 2012

Farmer's Markets

You’d be living under a rock if you hadn’t noticed the latest food craze to eat organic, gluten-free, local, cage-free, chemical free craze that’s taken off the past few years. Another growing concept is cooking with fresh ingredients from farmer’s markets. Molly Watson discusses the top reasons to eat local in guide which I will share below.

1)Fresher and Tastier!
Local food hasn’t been prepackaged or preserved with sodium. It hasn’t traveled from thousands of miles out of state into your hands. You’ll be able to detect the freshness from food bought at a farmer’s market. Bonus: This food will last longer.

2)Seasonal Foods

Farmers obviously have to grow what is in season. What this means for you is the fruit will be juicier and vegetables will be riper as they haven’t been frozen for months.

3)Go Green!
Farmers don’t have to ship their food, thus, cutting down on carbon footprint. Buying foods near where you live also helps maintain farmland and green space.

4)Promote Food Safety
As common sense tells us, the fewer steps there are between your food’s source and the minute it reaches your mouth, the less chance of contamination. Knowing where your food comes from helps you know more about that food when there are outbreaks like ecoli and salmonella.

5)Create Community and Support your Economy
Money spent at Farmer’s markets helps to build your local economy instead of supporting a large corporation. You also develop smaller connections to more food sources such as a local butcher, co-op, and vendors.

Happy Shopping!

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