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July 10, 2012

Sure, the wedding is all about the bride but let’s not forget the bridesmaids! Unlike picking the venue, dress, and all other major decisions, the bridesmaid gift does not have a specific timeline. The rule of thumb is to aim about two months before the actual wedding but it’s really up to the bride. Another big question may be cost. How do you pick how much to spend on a bridesmaid gift? A good way to figure this out is obviously by your budget but also by how much you’ve asked the bridesmaids to spend on the wedding overall. Typically, the maid of honor receives a bit more lavish gift as they do more of the planning.

Next is the ultimate question: what to give? You may decide to give all your bridesmaids the same thing or you may want to give each one something different if you’re dealing with a diverse group. Keeping gifts timeless is always a good suggestion. Below are some examples of what various brides have given.

1) Fun Scripted Flasks
These are great because you can put a different quote, design, and color on each making them personal, fun, and functional.

flask bridal

2) Named Hangers
This is a cute idea where one bride hung her bridesmaid dresses from each hanger with the bridesmaid’s name. This can be great if you have a large party and are on a budget.


3) Timeless and Classy bracelets


classy bracelets

4) Personalized inside of a clutch

Most women love all things shoes and purse related. Clutches are a common bridesmaid gift but this bride added a unique twist by adding the name and a quick “thank you.”


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