Guests Books with a Twist


July 3, 2012

Guests Books with a Twist

It’s time to get personal. Every little detail of your wedding is important, including the guest book. Instead of having a traditional book that people sign, why not add a creative touch? Below are some examples that can compliment your theme, budget, and make your wedding day a little more heartfelt.

1) Themed Guest Books
This couple had a beach wedding and had a passion for surfing. They took the traditional guest book and had guests sign a surf board that they can hang in their home. Super cute!

personal surf board

2) Budgeted Guest Book
Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Here is an example of where a couple took a calendar and people sign in on their birthday. This creates a list of friends and birthdays so you always know when to send a card.

creative calendar

3) Framed Photography or Quotes
This is another budget friendly example of where a couple took a quote, framed it, and had guests sign around it. This can live in your home for years to come. You can do the same with a meaningful picture or a quote that has sentimental value.

4) Personal Guest Books
Encourage guests to share something by incorporating a thought provoking guest book like the example here asking guests where they see the married couple in 25 years. This can be fun and personal.

personal book


For more ideas there are tons of great websites like Pinterest.  Look into your personal wedding planner at HideAway today!


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