Beat Wedding Bulge


June 22, 2012

Beat Wedding Bulge

Who doesn't want to look their best for their wedding day? Every woman wants to look and feel her best on her big day and as we all know, a LOT of preparation and work goes into our looks. Many women start what they refer to as their, “wedding boot camp” six months prior. We all know there are tons of different diets out there and each works differently for each body type. Choosing the best exercise planu can be difficult with so many options out there. Here is a little cheat sheet to help!

Weight Watchers

This diet is a life style and best for those who hate to be restricted to limited foods.  Weight Watchers teaches you how to eat in moderation where all food is in a points form and you are given a certain amount of points to eat.  If done correctly, the results have proven to work.


Celebrity Body Workouts

These workouts come from Shape Magazine and pertain to sculpting and toning workouts.  Many women want to focus on their arms and core as these are most emphasized by many dresses.  These mini workouts will show you how to fixate on just those body parts.



Many of us have read about celebrities doing these 7 day, 3 day, 1 day cleanses.  Some you buy and do for a week, some you can do with limited food options, and some can last as long as a month. These leave many mixed review.  If you want weight off fast, they will do just that but can leave you hungry, cranky, and irritable and the weight won't stay off once you go back to a normal eating plan.

Old Fashioned Gym

Cardio and weight lifting will always leave you feeling great.  The problem is most people overestimate just how many calories they actually burn at the gym.  You still need to take into account how many calories you are eating in a day and try to cut back 500 per day and incorporate a workout.  If a standard old workout isn't your thing, look into what fun classes your gym is offering.  A one hour spin class can cause you to burn up to 800 calories. 


No matter what you choose, the biggest thing is to feel good in your skin.  Be proactive a few months before so you aren't left feeling desperate and not at your potential on your wedding day.  Good luck on your journey to being fit and fabulous!


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