Say Yes to the Dress: The Bridesmaid Dress


June 11, 2012

Say Yes to the Dress: The Bridesmaid Dress

Saying “yes” is the easy part. Picking your bridesmaids may be simple and obvious as well but picking the dress? Now that requires some real thought and planning. You want to come back from your honeymoon with the same circle of friends as when you left. Here are some steps to make sure your friends remain your friends post wedding.

1) Give Options!
If you are set on one style, allow the bridesmaids to pick from a variety of shades of color. This can make for beautiful group photos. This lets bridesmaids have a say in what color complements their hair, skin tone, eyes, etc. On the flip side, if you are set on a color, let your bridesmaids pick the style. Any woman knows that while one style may make your body turn into a ten, it can do the opposite for another.

2) Pick your Fabric with Thought
Don’t style your bridesmaids as if they just walked out of a Disney princess movie set. Say goodbye to dresses with puffy taffeta and hello to quality fabrics like silk, chiffon, and crepe that give a sleek and sexy feel rather than frumpy.

3) Think on a Budget
Bridesmaids are often required to pay for their own dresses but not everyone may be on the same budget. Keep cost in mind and give alternative sites like Renttherunway and more.

4) Shop with a Plus One
We’ve all seen, “Say Yes to the Dress.” Nothing good ever comes from a group effort. To avoid conflict and multiple opinions, just take yourself and your maid of honor dress shopping.

5) Plan Head!
You may think your wedding dress is the most important and the bridesmaids can delay, but that can end with stress and disappointment. It’s smart to allow five months before the wedding for time and alterations.

Now that you’re a bridesmaid expert, visit HideAway’s links above for wedding venues and options.


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