Wine to Unwind

April 24, 2012

Wine to Unwind


Coming together with a group of friends to taste new wines can be a ton of fun, not to mention a great way to unwind from the week. HideAway Country Inn is a great place for this and offers wines from around the world! However, many confuse wine drinking with wine tasting. 

The difference between wine tasting versus wine drinking is when you engage in wine tasting, you try to describe your experience. Doing so takes practice; however, you can learn the basics and impress your friends with the following steps.

White wines are classified in order of crisp to sleek to soft to rich. As whites get fuller bodied, they tend to go from tart fruit to tropical flavors. Red wines are classified in order of earthy to fruity to mellow to bold. As reds get fuller bodied, the aromas tend to go from red fruit to vanilla and dark fruit.

There are three basic steps. First, while firmly holding the stem of the wine glass, gently swirl the glass in tiny circles on a flat surface for 10 to 20 seconds allowing oxygen to enter the wine. Observe the streaks of wine (legs) as they roll down the side of the glass. The legs can help you determine the body of the wine.

Next, smell the wine. Some tasters claim that you can get more aroma by holding your nose an inch or so above the glass after swirling. At the top of the glass, the smells are more floral and fruity; deeper in the glass, they are richer.

The last and best part is tasting the wine! The tip of the tongue detects sweetness. The inner side detects sourness while the outer sides detect saltiness. The back detects bitterness so be sure to swish the wine around for a couple of seconds before swallowing. Remember, there are no right or wrong descriptions of how a wine tastes or smells so have fun with it!

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